Lauric Acid: Coconut Oil’s Great Secret

This Amazing Medium Chain Fatty Acid Is Packed into Coconut Oil like Nowhere Else.





Coconut oil is comprised of 50% Lauric Acid. This makes it the easy way to find and consume lauric acid on the planet. It’s very rare to find lauric acid in nature and it is one of coconut oils greatest secrets.


Lauric Acid is Converted to Monolaurin by Your Body

Monolaurin has very powerful anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. What this means to you is that it is pretty much the holy grail of natural supplementation.

Monolaurin acts as a heat seeking missile and attacks the lipid membranes in organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungal, destroying them.


  1. Effective treatment for ringworm and athletes foot
  2. Has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for Candida
  3. Monolaurin targets lipid coated viruses suck as Herpes, HIV, Influenza, Hepatitis-C, and the Measles.
  4. It does all this while being non-toxic unlike “other treatments”


             Lauric acid  is becoming harder and harder to find. The only other place in the world that it   can be found in high concentration is breast milk. Vegetable oils are generally cheaper than coocnutoil so manufacturers have been making the switch over the years and it’s harder and harder to find foods with the all important Lauric acid. The best and most efficient way to harness this powerful ingredient is, and always has been, adding coconut oil to your diet.


Here’s a great video on Lauric Acid

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