What are the antiviral properties of coconut oil?

Summary · Introduction · Materials and methods · Discussion. Coconut is quite a unique food in this world, being one of the only natural sources of medium chain triglycerides. In addition to coconut oil, breast milk, palm kernel oil, and goat's milk are really the only food sources of these beneficial fatty acids. Palm kernel oil is difficult to find and is not the same as palm oil, although there is a small amount of medium chain triglycerides in palm oil.

Coconut oil really is the easiest place for adults to find medium chain triglycerides. The study designs are as follows: standard control and care (group, standard care) and virgin coconut oil (group, standard care) and monolaurin (group), standard care and monocaprine (group), standard care and monocaprine (group), and standard care and sodium lauryl sulfate (group). While coconut oil and its derivatives have been shown to be safe and effective immunomodulatory agents in both humans and animals, there are few reports on the efficacy of VCO used in human trials. Montoya told NutraIngredientsAsia that coconut oil and its derivatives have been studied previously for their antiviral properties.

But remember that coconut oil can very well reduce symptoms and lighten the viral load you have to carry. Therefore, at least two fatty acids in coconut oil (C12 and C) and their monoglycerides (monolaurin and monocaprine) have antiviral properties. Two of the most powerful medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil are lauric acid and capric acid. In the first clinical trial that used coconut oil and monolaurin as monotherapy for HIV, coconut oil (45 ml per day) and monolaurin (95% purity, 7.2—22 g per day) were administered to people with HIV-AIDS.

Patients receiving treatment with coconut oil tend to show higher levels of CD4, CD8 and T lymphocyte counts compared to the control group. With observation and quarantine as the predominant standard of care, this study evaluated the effects of virgin coconut oil (VCO) on biochemical markers of suspected and probable cases of COVID-19.In an article published in late January, they explained that coconut oil and its derivatives have been shown to be safe and effective antiviral compounds in both humans and animals.

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